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Welcome!  examROAR is a collection of experiences, tips, and resources for students & trainers and those seeking certification in the IT industry.  This site is dedicated to technologists, enthusiasts, geeks, nerds, mouse jockeys, keyboard punters, and professional men and women– as well as to those who stay up past 1 am just to cr a.m. one more acronym into their h.e.a.d.– to those who spend $ on books and more $$ on practice tests and even more $$$ for the exam itself– to those who are job-hungry and\or looking for professional distinction– to those who love the facts, the Whys, the Hows, and the F1 button– to those who need resources, pointers, tips, cheers, high-fives, chest-bumps– and finally: this site is dedicated to everyone who has ever passed an IT certification exam and ROARED in the parking lot!

As for me, I’ve been a certified trainer for nearly 12 years (CTT+, MCT) and love it (see below for my transcript information)!  I live in the Pacific NW and share a home with a most beautiful wife, 3 kids, and a handful of pets who will never read this.

I need to mention here and now that this is NOT a braindump site.  I believe in the sweet rewards of hard WORK and so don’t expect to find here protected content.  I respect copyrights and trademarks and the vendors behind the exams.  Moreover, nothing on this site provides any guarantees or infers any warranties or promises.

For my MCT transcript, visit this link.   Use the following: Transcript ID: 837492 and the Access Code: 01JASONYMCT



1. Jonathan McRobert - June 5, 2010

Hi, Jason!

Cool site! I’m definitely bookmarking it. Glad to see you’re still teaching.


examROAR - June 12, 2010

Hey! Good to hear from you. Thanks for the bookmark.

Jonathan McRobert - October 21, 2010

What are you up to nowadays?

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