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and my dad and comptia wear thongs February 12, 2010

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My dad loved to wear thongs when we were growing up.  Before you get the wrong idea, it’s not the French kind (that’s just thong, no S)- I mean the flip-flop kind.  And he’d wear them with socks!   I can’t tell you how many times my brothers and sister felt the shame.  Here we all were in the grocery store, with the loudest, squeekeyest cart– my mom somewhere else while we walked ten feet behind my dad, pretending we didn’t notice his  thip thip, squeek, thip thip, thip, squeek– and yet we shuddered as everyone, EVERYONE, looked at my dad’s feet wearing black dress socks, yellow flip flops, and some sort of short\pants thing.  Who cares, you say?  When you’re 15- YOU CARE.   (Today, however, I’m wearing a cardigan sweater and PJ bottoms he he)

Now Comptia has joined my dad, along with the French and John Kerry– they have flipped their certification “shelf-life” policy only to flop it again.   Here it is, the official policy, socks and all.  

And in case any of you get the wrong idea, I must add it’s nice to see them  (Comptia  that is) responding to their customers.  I have nothing but praise (*happy applause*).   As for my dad’s taste in fashion, we’re still working on him.


New blogz! January 7, 2010

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No, I’m not talking about this new blog but two other onez.  I’ve decided to create these additional blogs dedicated to Windows 7 Certification and another to A+.  This will allow for more focused posts and organization.  I’ll keep this one set aside for general certification information and tips and helps.   

This blogging thing is addicting (if not a bit narcissistic) but I hope it will at least help my customers and colleagues.