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Hello and ROAR! January 5, 2010

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Welcome!  It’s 2010!  And this is my first post to examROAR– a place where I hope to make many more posts about the crazy world of IT certifications.  I hope the resources and posts here aid you on your journey to becoming as certifiable as I am (or should I say, as crazy as I am?) if not more! 

I need to mention here and now that this is NOT a braindump site.  I believe in the sweet rewards of hard WORK and so don’t expect to find here protected content.  I respect copyrights and trademarks and the vendors behind the exams.  Certifications (i.e. MCTS, CCENT, A+) and their exams (i.e. 70-640, 220-701) are the property of their respective companies and organizations.

Rather, this site is dedicated to students, fellow trainers, enthusiasts, geeks, nerds, mouse jockeys, keyboard punters, and professional men and women– as well as to those who stay up past 1 am just to cr-a.m. one more acronym into their h.e.a.d.– to those who spend $ on books and more $$ on practice tests and even more $$$ for the exam itself– to those who love the facts, the Whys and the f1 button– to those who need resources, pointers, tips, cheers, high-fives, chest-bumps– and it is dedicated to everyone who has ever passed an IT certification exam and ROARED in the parking lot!