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4xdown January 5, 2010

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Years ago a friend shared with me his method of studying and passing tests.  This is one of those methods that probably will work for some but not for all.  It’s an attempt to soldify concepts by making 4 passes over the material.  Here’s his formula:

1) Read the documentation \ coursebook \ study guide all the way through with the goal of just getting through it all

2) Read the materials again– this time use highlighter and mark up key concepts and areas for memorization.

3) Review the materials but this time WRITE down in a notepad all the sections you highlighted in pass #2.

4) Just before the test, review your notes

The only thing missing from this (and it’s a big missing) is the HANDS-ON.  If you’re taking a concept-heavy test then the above is a good approach– but for those more product-specific exams, you’ll need to KNOW the product too and there’s only one way to do that– USE THE PRODUCT! 

Nevertheless, I love pass #3 on account that WRITING engages the brain at deeper levels than just passively reading.   You may never read what you wrote but the very act improves retention.