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borntolearn has been born again! March 3, 2010

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For the past 24 hours, born2learn has been down for maintenance.  Now b2L has re-spawned— with Windows Live logon and other updated features- (no more dissuq yes!)  I’m eager to try it all out!

I’m still waiting though for an updated post on the Certification 101 and 201 webcasts.  I’ll let you know.


trick questions are a MYTH! February 25, 2010

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MSL has recorded a couple of meetings surrounding certification exams– how they are developed, what is up-coming, why it’s important, etc.  I just attended the 201 LIVE meeting and found it very useful.  Some highlights:

  • Virtualization exams for Server and desktops are coming out this month- March
  • MS exam objectives are not developed over lunch!  They go through a rigorous- ongoing process.
  • Every comment during a BETA exam is read by Krista! (Exam content developer manager)
  • Not every comment is read of a live exam because there’s just too many- but they are regularly sampled
  • 80/80 rule =questions focus on tasks that 80% of the people do 80% of the time- real-world matters in the exams!
  • EXAMS are not post-tests to any training materials– information isn’t shared between exam writers and training content writers
  • Trick questions are a MYTH!  Subtext doesn’t exist.
  • 700 does not EQUAL 70%!  Scores are scaled based on difficulty and comparison.

The 201 meeting also covered the basic formula for their questions, their intentions, and tips on how to process a question.   You should be able to find these videos on the born to learn site. 

Great stuff!

win7 certification portal from Microsoft February 12, 2010

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New post on the born2learn site sends people to this site here– a Win7 certification portal.

Also, here’s an IT job role quiz on facebook.

What Microsoft™ courses should I take? January 8, 2010

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Today, someone asked me “Which do you typically recommend as the introductory course for the 6424,25,26 pathway, etc…6421, 6430, 6420?” 

Well, it depends on the student’s START– experience & previous training.

If you’re looking to becoming a certified systems administrator in Microsoft, or you’re already a sys.admin and you’re looking for more distinction, here’s a SUPER chart from Microsoft Learning!  You’ll find it here:  CHART from MS LEARNING

And if you’re a trainer, bookmark the site above!

The chart is specific for those looking for administrative like jobs (Microsoft has also conveniently identified the related job roles at the same site).